Faculty Senate - Membership


Last Name and First Name [sort]Position [sort]   and emailLocation [sort]Phone
Geiling, Sam (Katherine)
   Natural Sciences Representative
Animal Science Instructor, on leave
      e-mail: scraddoc@hawaii.edu
Hale Kako‘o 128236-9107
Palmer, Christian
   Social Sciences Representative
Anthropology Instructor
      e-mail: ctpalmer@hawaii.edu
Hale Na‘auao 111236-9239
Kershaw, Mariko
   Academic Support Representative
Assistant Professor and Cataloging/Reference Librarian
      e-mail: kershaw@hawaii.edu
Hale La‘akea 317C235-7439
Krupp, Dave
   Off Campus Chair
Biological and Marine Sciences Professor and Natural Sciences Chair
      e-mail: krupp@hawaii.edu
Hale ‘Imiloa 121A236-9121
Zane, Kathleen
   Student Affairs Representative
      e-mail: zanek@hawaii.edu
Hale ‘Ākoakoa 212A235-7447
Webster, Jenny
   Recording Chair and Language Arts Representative
English Instructor
      e-mail: jennyrw@hawaii.edu
Hale Manaleo 104236-9235
McCoy, Floyd
   Presiding Chair
Geology, Geophysics, and Oceanography Professor, on leave
      e-mail: fmccoy@hawaii.edu
Hale ‘Imiloa 115236-9115
Boyd, Jamie
   CCE Representative
Health Programs Coordinator; Associate Professor
      e-mail: jamie.boyd@hawaii.edu
Hale Kuhina 111235-7384
Sue, Laura
   Math/Business Representative
ICS Instructor
      e-mail: laurasue@hawaii.edu
Hale Pālanakila 119A236-9253
Carmack, Ka‘ala
   Humanities Representative
Music Instructor and Director of the Hawaii Music Institute
      e-mail: kaalac@hawaii.edu
Hale Pālanakila 130236-9130
Hadmack, Sarah Religion Assistant Professor
      e-mail: minnis@hawaii.edu
Hale Pālanakila 140236-9140


Number of people in the list: 11


Membership last updated: January, 2011