Faculty Senate - Membership


Last Name and First Name [sort]Position [sort]   and emailLocation [sort]Phone
Poteet, Desi (Desiree)
   Recording Chair
English Instructor
      e-mail: poteetd@hawaii.edu
Hale ‘Ākoakoa 237236-9188
Sala, Makanani (Carly) Hawaiian Studies Instructor
      e-mail: csing@hawaii.edu
Hale A‘o 202236-9248
Li, Hongwei
   Science Department Representative
Microbiology Instructor
      e-mail: hli@hawaii.edu
Hale ‘Imiloa 107236-9104
Akina, Sarah Paipai Project Director
      e-mail: inouyes@hawaii.edu
Hale Kako‘o 109235-7326
Akina, Charlene Workforce Development Coordinator, Instructor
      e-mail: cmakina@hawaii.edu
Hale Kuhina 109A235-7428
Boyd, Jamie
   CCE Representative
Health Programs Coordinator; Associate Professor
      e-mail: jamie.boyd@hawaii.edu
Hale Kuhina 111235-7384
Sur, Sarah Gilman
   Academic Support Representative
Head Librarian
      e-mail: sgilman@hawaii.edu
Hale La‘akea 207235-7435
Ratliff, Elizabeth
   Presiding Chair
Associate Professor and Media Specialist
      e-mail: elizabeth.ratliff@hawaii.edu
Hale La‘akea 242235-7302
Uyeda, Lance English Assistant Professor and Curriculum Committee Chair
      e-mail: lkuyeda@hawaii.edu
Hale Manaleo 103236-9229
Webster, Jenny
   Off-campus Chair
English Instructor
      e-mail: jennyrw@hawaii.edu
Hale Manaleo 104236-9235
Storm, Jody-Lynn
   Math and Business Department Representative
Mathematics Instructor
      e-mail: jstorm@hawaii.edu
Hale Mana‘opono 105236-9277
Okumura, Jean Mathematics Professor and Math/Business Chair
      e-mail: jokumura@hawaii.edu
Hale Mana‘opono 112A236-9282
Palmer, Christian
   Social Sciences Representative
Anthropology Instructor
      e-mail: ctpalmer@hawaii.edu
Hale Na‘auao 111236-9239



Membership last updated: January, 2011