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Technology Vision Committee

Note: The Technology Vision Committee was dissolved in 2009.


Charge: To compose a technology vision plan to lead the College into the future; to be the focal point at the College to respond to and propose current and future technology needs, to technologically unite the College by planning for technology compatibility, to propose appropriate technology locations (such as labs); and to address distributive/distance learning.

Line of Authority: This is a standing committee reporting to the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and the committee serves the institution.

Leadership: The committee will elect a chair.

Membership: No procedure for member selection or term of service is mentioned.  Membership is composed of volunteers from credit faculty, ETC faculty, OCET, administration, media, and marketing.

Decision Nature: This is an advisory committee. Develop a technology vision plan which will be regularly reviewed in light of funding, changes in technology, etc. 

Decision-making Protocol:  The plan will be presented to the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and campus for adoption.  It will guide our technology purchases and activities.

Documentation: The vision plan which will be periodically updated and presented to the administration and faculty; and minutes

Termination date: None.