Comments to 2010 Draft, Second round


The Committee is presenting the following three versions of the Mission/Vision/Core Values for the campus to evaluate.

The process of revising Windward CC’s Vision, Mission and Core Values is challenging. The Vision is considered our destination, the Mission is how we intend to reach our destination and the Core Values are the tools we use to get there. The goal of the Vision/Mission/Values Committee is to incorporate them as concisely as possible into written statements.

Not only should the each of these designations speak to who we are as a college, we must also be able to justify statements we create with evidence that is measurable as stated in Standard I of the ACCJC requirements:

Institutional Mission and Effectiveness: The institution demonstrates strong commitment to a mission that emphasizes achievement of student learning and to communicating the mission internally and externally. The institution uses analyses of quantitative and qualitative data and analysis in an ongoing and systematic cycle of evaluation, integrated planning, implementation, and re-evaluation to verify and improve the effectiveness by which the mission is accomplished.

Comments on the current draft are listed below.

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Vision, Mission, Core Values #1 Vision Mission Values #2 Vision Mission Values #3

Vision #1
(drafted 4/10, via Web feedback, revised 4/28/10, VMV committee)

WCC seeks to provide an educational and cultural environment that prepares students to be engaged and dynamic citizens in their communities.

Mission #1
(drafted 4/9/10, bjb, jo, revised 4/28/10, VMV committee)
Windward Community College provides the population of O‘ahu’s Ko‘olau communities and beyond with opportunities for academic, career and life-long learning in a supportive and challenging environment—inspiring students to excellence.

Core Values #1
(drafted 4/9/10, bjb, jo, revised 4/28/10, VMV committee)

Learning (Na‘auao)
Creativity and critical thinking
Student and learning centered environment
Excellence in academics and workforce training
Intellectual freedom

Access (Ho‘okomo)
Meeting student needs at various levels
Educational outreach to communities
Excellent financial aid opportunities
“Open-door” admissions policy
Disability sensitivity and access

Collaboration (Laulima)
Providing service to community
Learning communities
Involvement in clubs, student government, outreach

Respect (Aloha)
Cultural awareness
Hawaiian experiential learning
Safe Zones
‘Ohana-style inclusiveness
Student voice

Innovation (Mea Hou)
Teaching innovations
New program initiatives
Technological innovations

Sustainability (Mālama ‘āina)
Providing environmental learning
Conservation in action

Vision #2
(drafted 4/12/10, KuPono Hawaiian Club)

Maika’i Loa: Attain Lasting Optimal Happiness for All

Mission #2 (drafted 4/12/10, KuPono Hawaiian Club)

WCC, as part of the fabric of Hawai‘i, is a diverse learning community committed to excellence and leadership in:

• Educating current and future professionals and leaders
• Delivering high-quality education
• Translating new knowledge into practice
• Establishing community partnerships and fostering
   multidisciplinary collaboration
• Pursuing alliances unique to Hawai‘i and the Asia-Pacific
• Acting with forethought regarding right relationships,
  respect, and moral action (Pono)

Values #2
(drafted 4/12/10, KuPono Hawaiian Club)

Collaboration: Shared accomplishments in the spirit of laulima.

Diversity and Inclusion: Respect for the entire spectrum of human experience.

Excellence: Guiding all of our efforts in education and service.

Innovation and Discovery: The generation, application, and transmission of new knowledge.

Pono: Integrity, morality, and equity, taking action to disparities in the spirit of social justice.

Mission #3
(drafted 4/8/10 in open forum)

Windward Community College is a center of learning excellence, committed to students and to academic, career, and cultural learning that emphasizes Hawai‘i, Asia and the Pacific.

Values #3
(drafted 4/8/10 in open forum)

  • Mālama ‘āina (nurture)
  • Student centered environment
  • Excellence in academics, the arts, innovative sciences, Hawaiian studies, and workforce development skills
  • Hawaiian Asia-Pacific Cultural Awareness
  • Service to community
  • Mālama ‘āina Sustainability

Comments So Far

5. Feedback: RE Values, if we keep the core values truly CORE (i.e., limit the #) they may be more meaningful. EX: Na'auao, Ho'okomo, Pono, Laulima, Malama. Perhaps we have to ask ourselves what (we hope) permeates everything we do and everything we hope for our students?

4. I like Vision #1, Mission #2, Values #2 and Values #3

3. Mission #1 needs a comma after career. It is preferrable in that it mentions the specific community we serve. This is our mission within the UH system and needs to be specified. We are also primarily a liberal arts institution. Should this be overtly acknowledged or is there any chance we could become a vocational education institution? If not, a statement like 'focusing on preparing the individual for success in life through a broad foundation in the liberal arts' should be included as it is our mission in the system (c.f. Honolulu CC). Thank you to the VMV team for your hard work!

2. Core Values #1 is nice. Pono from #2 should be added. THis would make it more complete.

1. I believe in the past that our vision was Malamalama Ko'olau 'The Beacon/enlightenment of the Ko'olaus.' Could this be incorporated into the vision? It would make Vision #1 more inspiring. Visions are by nature general, Vision #2 may be so general as to unattainable.