Mission, Vision, and Core Values Committee


Charge:  Review the Mission, Vision, and Core Values of the College to determine if they align with WCC, UHCC, and UH System Strategic Plans, and to facilitate updates as needed.

Line of Authority:  The Committee reports to the Faculty Senate, who will present the information to the Institutional Effectiveness Committee, Planning and Budget Council, Accreditation Steering Committee, and the campus as a whole, and will make recommendations for modification before the Faculty Senate makes its final recommendation to the Chancellor.

Leadership:  The committee shall elect a chair from among its members.

Membership:  Appointed by or elected by representative unit.

  • The Director of Planning/ IEC Chair
  • A Staff Representative from Civil Service or APT
  • A Student Representative (ASUH-WCC)
  • A Representative from Administration
  • A Faculty Representative from ETC/VCE
  • A Faculty Representative from Instruction Division I
  • A Faculty Representative from Instruction Division II
  • A Faculty Representative from Student Services

Decision Nature:  Advisory

Decision-Making Protocol:  The Committee consults the WCC, UHCC, and UH Strategic Plans and any other source of information it deems useful in determining whether the Mission, Vision, and Core Values statements need updating.  If the committee should find a need for revision(s), it will gather input from a broad range of students, staff, faculty, and administrators before drafting its recommendation(s) in writing to the Faculty Senate.

Documentation:  The committee records discussion, recommendations and decisions via minutes and memos, and posts minutes on the College website.  The committee makes written reports to the Faculty Senate.

Termination Date:  Upon completion of review and updates (every 4th year of the Accreditation Cycle as mandated by Windward Community College Policy 4.5).