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Space Allocation Requests


The Master Planning and Space Allocation Committee (MaPSAC) makes recommendations to the Chancellor regarding semi-permanent and permanent uses of enclosed and open spaces on campus, including existing buildings, renovations to existing structures, proposed new structures, and the use of open acreage. The objective of the committee is to enhance the functionality, accessibility, and the beauty of the Windward CC campus structures and spaces in the interest of creating a more effective learning environment for our students.

Download the Space Allocation Request Form Template (Word Document)

A list of requests under consideration can be found on the main Master Planning and Space Allocation page. The requests that have been completed are located in the committee's Documents page.

Required Information for All Requests

  1. Name of the individual or group that is requesting the space
  2. Contact Person’s name, email, and telephone number
  3. Type of space that is needed
  4. Building or space in question (attach diagram and/or photo if available)
  5. How the space is currently being used
  6. Desired start date (and end date, if applicable)
  7. Description of how the space will be used
  8. Description of how it may contribute to the learning environment and interests of WCC students
  9. Other alternatives that were considered and why those alternatives don't seem to work
  10. What other resources may be needed
  11. How the proposal supports or is supported by the Master Plan, the Mission of the College, and the UHCC Strategic Plan

The requestor is encouraged to include attachments such as pictures and plans. Note that basic building plans in PDF and JPG are available on the Buildings and Facilities on Campus page.

The requester is also encouraged to provide evidence of support from the college.

Any request being made by an external (non-WCC) agency must enlist a Windward CC contact person who will act as the agency’s liaison, and follow the same procedures as those required for internal requests.


  1. The requester contacts the Chair with the initial draft of the request, which should include all appropriate items listed in the Required Information for All Requests.
  2. The Chair forwards the request to the committee for initial discussion.
  3. The committee decides if the decision should be made by the Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services, by the committee, or be referred to another group on campus.
  4. For committee-made decisions,
    1. The Chair will ask the requester to post the initial draft of the request on the college's Discussion Board for college input.
    2. After a minimum of two weeks from the date of posting, the requester will submit a final request electronically to the Chair.
    3. The committee's review of the final request will include a presentation by the requester and any other interested parties.
    4. The committee's recommendation will be recorded in the committee notes and forwarded to the Chancellor, requester and any other appropriate people on campus.

Last revised November 25, 2009