Master Planning and Space Allocation Committee - Membership

Last Name and First Name [sort]Position [sort]   and emailLocation [sort]Phone
Cobb-Adams, Gus Recruitment Specialist
Hale ‘Ākoakoa 203235-7385
Eschenberg, Ardis
   ex officio, non-voting
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Hale Alaka‘i 121D235-7443
Fujimoto, Roy Political Science Professor
Hale Pālanakila 146236-9146
Gillis-Davis, Lisa Counselor, First Year Experience
Hale ‘Ākoakoa 232235-7476
Hanson, Deacon Business and Accounting Instructor
Hale Pālanakila 132236-9237
Hunt, Jeff
   ex-officio (non-voting)
Director of Institutional Research
Hale Alaka‘i 106C235-7442
Krupp, Dave Biological and Marine Sciences Professor and Natural Sciences Chair
Hale ‘Imiloa 121A236-9121
Lemke, Ann Disability/Admissions Counselor; Early Admit and Running Start Counselor
Hale ‘Ākoakoa 213235-7448
235-7413 (for appointment)
Lono, Shannon Account Clerk
Hale Alaka‘i 114235-7410
Martin, Toni (Antoinette)Art Professor and Iolani Gallery Coordinator
Hale Pālanakila 150236-9150
Nash, Paul
   ex officio (non-voting)
Ceramics Professor
Hale Pālanakila 216B235-7323
Ratliff, Elizabeth Associate Professor and Media Specialist
Hale La‘akea 242235-7302
Sato, Stacie Personnel Officer
Hale Alaka‘i 120235-7426
Uyeda, Lance English Assistant Professor
Hale Manaleo 103236-9229
Uyetake, Jane Coordinator - OCCE
Hale Kuhina 105235-7363
Voeller, Mary Student



Number of people in the list: 16

Membership last confirmed: February 9, 2009