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Master Planning and Space Allocation Committee - Directives



Charge: To make recommendations concerning short, mid and long term facilities use, and plan for renovation of existing facilities and construction of new facilities.

Line of Authority: The committee reports to the Chancellor.

Leadership: Chancellor appoints a chair.

Membership: Representation across college. Volunteers are appointed by their respective administrator. Term limits are staggered for two year.


Decision-making Protocol:

Documentation: Minutes are taken and kept.

Termination date: No set term length.

Quorum: 1 more than 50% of membership

Unit/Department Representative

Appointed by

Social Sciences VCAA X   X  
Natural Sciences VCAA   X   X
Humanities VCAA X   X  
Math/Bus Ed VCAA   X   X
Language Arts VCAA X   X  
Academic Support VCAA   X   X
Student Services VCSS X   X  
Student Services VCSS   X   X
Student Services VCSS X   X  
Student VCSS   X   X
Administrative Service VCAS X   X  
Administrative Service VCAS   X   X
ETC - Honolulu Dir CTE X   X  
ETC -OCET/Windward Dir CTE   X   X
Ke Kumu Pali Council   X   X
Chair, VC Administrative Services
(votes only for tiebreaker)
Ex-Officio, non-voting members          
Committee Resource - CIP Liaison    
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs  
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs  
Director of OCET/ETC