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Marketing Committee - Directives


Charge: The purpose of the committee is to provide a coordinated approach to marketing at WCC.  The purpose is to 1) build community awareness of the college, its programs and its vital role in the community and 2) coordinate enrollment management/recruitment planning with a broader communications plan that involves publications, Web site, advertising and promotion, special events, fund development, and student, alumni and community relations. The committee also develops, approves and recommends to the Chancellor a marketing budget for the next academic year.  It evaluates the effectiveness of the previous year’s efforts and recommends a coordinated plan that integrates print, radio and (if possible) TV advertising, other publications, Web site development and community partnerships that will supplement the college’s marketing budget.

Line of Authority: This committee reports to the Chancellor and the committee serves the institution.

Leadership: The Director of Marketing and Public Relations convenes the committee.

Membership: Volunteers from Administration, Enrollment Management, Media, students, faculty.

Decision-making: This is an advisory committee. 

Decision-making protocol: Develop a marketing plan and present to Chancellor for approval and funding.

Documentation: The marketing plan is the documentation and is presented to the Chancellor.  Copies of all advertisements are kept.

Termination date: None.