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Institutional Effectiveness Committee - Directives


Charge: To plan and oversee an institutional schedule to ensure a systematic, comprehensive, and on-going assessment of the credit programs, noncredit programs, and other units identified in the Program Review Policy. To develop and sustain a culture of assessment throughout the institution. To provide the necessary training and skills for units to assess themselves. To maintain material and reports related to all assessment activities

Line of Authority: This committee reports to the Chancellor and serves the institution.

Leadership: Chairperson for this committee receives a teaching load reduction.

Membership: The Chancellor appoints the chairperson. Other members of the committee are volunteers from various academic, support, and administrative units. In addition, a student representative is recommended by WCC-ASUH. The Institutional Researcher is also a member of the committee.

Decision-making: Develops, plans and implements assessment activities for the institution.

Protocol: The committee makes decisions about training and skills needed for assessment. The committee makes recommendations to the Chancellor in matters that affect the entire institution.

Documentation: The committee records discussion, recommendations, and decisions via minutes and memos to the Chancellor.

Termination date: Chairperson – 3 years, with the last year training a successor to ensure continuity. Members – 3 years, with the last year training successors to replace themselves.