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Hawaiian, Asian, and Pacific (HAP) Issues Board



HAP Designation Process

The HAP Board reviews all requests that a course be designated as satisfying a HAP requirement at various campuses within the UH system. Requests are submitted directly from the Department Chair.

Carefully review the Hallmarks and the Explanatory Notes (PDF) for the HAP designation when deciding whether to propose a course, as your proposal will need to demonstrate clearly how the course meets each Hallmark. It may help to review proposals for other courses that have been accepted in that category. Be sure to include a table to show the intersections of Asian and/or Pacific Island cultures with Native Hawaiian culture including the use of the Native Hawaiian voice and the native voice from the indigenous people of Asia and/or the Pacific Islands. See the HAP website for a sample.

Download the form fillable Word Document

Also, departments should be aware that:

  • If a course and instructor is accepted, the course with that specific instructor will carry the HAP designation and be required to meet the Hallmarks each time the course is taught.
  • Once given a HAP designation, the course cannot have a Foundations designation.
  • If the WCC HAP Board approves your course, it will articulate to UH-Manoa, UH-West Oahu, and any UH Community College (Honolulu, Kapiolani, Kauai, Leeward, and Maui) that participates in the multi-campus
    HAP Articulation Agreement as meeting their HAP requirement if that campus has such a requirement.
  • If the Board determines that the proposal does not adequately address the Hallmarks, the proposal may be revised and resubmitted. If the course needs substantial revision, Curriculum Committee action will be required.
  • If a new course is being developed, it may be submitted simultaneously to both the Curriculum Committee and the HAP Board, but the Board will wait for a Curriculum decision by Faculty Senate before acting.
  • If approved, the course/instructor designation will last 5 years and require renewal during the final year.
  • There is a short application form available for faculty member who would like HAP designation for a course but is willing to use the course outline (syllabus), bibliography, materials, topics, etc. of an instructor who currently has HAP designation for the same course.


November 12, 2014