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Periodic Review of Curriculum




Questions to be Asked in the Review Process

In order to ensure currency, academic rigor, and program needs, the following questions should be asked throughout the review process:

1. Is this course appropriate to the college's mission statement and programs?

2. How does the course align with the Associate of Arts degree and/or certificate programs? Each department has a matrix of course Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) and their alignment to the SLOs of the A.A. degree.

3. Are the course student learning outcomes clear? Will students know what they need to be able to do by the end of the course?

4. Do the title, description, and course requirements match the student learning outcomes? Are they consistent with the course with the same alpha and number that is taught on another campus?

5. What evaluation procedures are used? Do they accurately evaluate the degree to which students have met the course student learning outcomes?

6. Are expectations for student performance or tasks clearly stated? Do students know what they are expected to do in the course, how well, and by when?

7. Are expectations for student performance or tasks appropriate to college standards? Is the quantity of reading, writing, independent work, etc. appropriate for the course and college expectations? Is the level of reading appropriate? The Office of the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs can help determine readability of texts.

8. Is the basis for grading clearly stated? Is it fair? Does it meet college expectations?

9. Are there (or should there be) prerequisites or co-requisites? If the course is taught elsewhere in the UH system, does it have prerequisites there? Will prerequisites keep too many students out? Are they really necessary for students to succeed in the class? Will the course lack rigor without prerequisites?

10. Is the number of credits and contact hours appropriate for the amount of work expected of students? Is it the same as comparable courses elsewhere in the UH system?

11.  How does this course compare and contrast with other similar courses in the UH system? Has the proposer made comparisons with similar courses at other system campuses? At least one copy of a course outline/syllabus similar to the one proposed should be submitted.



From the Policy on Credit Curriculum (PDF): Section D - Assessment of Courses

The Office of Academic Affairs is ultimately responsible to ensure that credit courses are assessed on a regular basis.

I. Courses
Special attention will be paid to changes in how course descriptions are written, how the course connects to college programs, and how the course relates to other courses at the college and in the UH system.

This assessment will also focus on:

Currency: How current is the course’s content? Does it reflect current knowledge or skills?

Academic Rigor: Does the course reflect the learning outcomes of the institution? Does it reflect the standards of the discipline, either nationally or locally?

Program needs:  Does the course meet the needs of an academic program? Is it an essential course for completion of a degree or certificate? Does the course meet the needs of the students?

Suggested changes to courses shall be referred to the appropriate faculty members, who can decide whether to create a course modification request. As with the original course proposal, all changes to the course are the responsibility of the proposer.

II. Course-level Student Learning Outcomes
Special attention shall be paid to Course and program-level Student Learning Outcomes.

The SLOs for course shall be assessed once every five years on a rotation system where roughly 20% of the active courses shall be assessed every year.

Department Chairs are responsible for ensuring that the courses are assessed in a timely and appropriate manner.