Computer and Information Literacy

Computer and Information Literacy



Effective immediately, the CIL requirement for the A.A. degree has been removed.

From Vice-Chancellor Richard Fulton:

On November 30, Chancellor Dykstra was informed that as a result of a vote by the faculty, the Senate formally recommended the removal of the current CIL requirement. The requirement will be officially removed as of Fall semester, 2010; thus, students applying for graduation beginning this Fall semester will not be required to have passed the CIL examination or classes identified as satisfying the CIL requirement.

Memo from Chancellor Dykstra on Status of Cll and Math Graduation Requirements (PDF)

CIL Resources - Sample Exams

File Management and Word Processing


Information Literacy


Credit courses at Windward CC can also help you prepare for the CIL exam. Check out the list of useful courses.

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