Social (also referred to as Physical) Distancing is mandatory. Individuals should always consider their spatial location within the physical environment and in relation to others. Care should be taken to maintain 6 feet of distance at all times between yourself and other people.

Individual requirements to ensure social distancing:

  • Maintain at least 6 feet (approximately 2 arm’s length) between yourself and other people.
  • Observe and follow all signage for directions, elevator use, and room capacity.
  • Do not gather in groups of 10 or more people, except for classes.
  • Stay out of crowded places and avoid mass gatherings.

Office and program requirements to ensure social distancing:

  • Configure work areas to accommodate appropriate social distancing of at least 6 feet between workstations/workers.
  • Post signs (see Attachment 1) at building entrances that state face coverings are required upon entry.
  • Post signs (see Attachment 4) at various entrances indicating maximum occupancy of the space in order to maintain social distancing.
  • Remove extra chairs and desks to ensure proper social distancing in all spaces.
  • Complete a work request for Operations and Maintenance assistance in movingand storing extra furniture.
  • Clear out and remove personal items from shared workspaces to increase space.
  • Offices should place markings on the floor where people can stand in line to be 6feet apart. This includes outside spaces as well. Contact Administrative Services if you need social distancing signage, 808-235-7405.