Student on Campus, Reporting to Instructor or Staff

If a student reports that they believe they have been exposed to, or started to develop, COVID-19 symptoms or other COVID-19 related health concerns; or that they suspect they have COVID-19 to an employee while on campus:

  1. The instructor/staff should instruct the student to temporarily isolate themselves in their private vehicle or in the Isolation Room on the Hale Alakaʻi lanai immediately. Access to the lanai is by way of the front stairs at the entrance to the campus. Alternatively, the lanai may be reached by ramps behind the building. The instructor/staff or student should immediately contact the IVCSA (808-235-7370). (The IVCSA will then follow the procedures in the next section, “Student on Campus, Report to IVCSA or Other Campus Official.”)
  2. The instructor/staff should maintain a safe distance from the student and, at minimum, shall document the student’s name, reporting this to the IVCSA.
  3. The instructor shall record attendance and dismiss the class/clear the space. The instructor should remind those being dismissed/asked to clear the space to be mindful of their own health by performing regular self-check monitoring.
  4. If and when possible, the instructor should ask the student to complete the information on the WCC Student Contact Tracing Form. Please note, answers to these questions will assist the DOH in helping the campus with this particular situation.

Student on Campus, Reporting to IVCSA or Other Campus Official

  1. The campus official shall inform the IVCSA or Campus Security of the situation, ensuring to provide the student’s basic information, such as name, contact number, and schedule (if available).
  2. The IVCSA shall pull the student’s schedule from BANNER and work with the student to ensure that they can safely depart campus through private vehicle or medical transport (public transportation is NOT recommended).
  3. The student shall remain isolated until they are able to safely depart campus.
  4. All individuals called to the campus location to assist with the situation shall:
    1. Maintain a safe distance from the student
    1. Ensure that proper face coverings are worn
    1. Continue to engage in dialogue with the student and assist to ensure the student has completed the WCC Student Contact Tracing Form
    1. The student shall be given the following information prior to departing campus:

Information for Students Who Have Reported a COVID-19 Related Health Issue:

  • For your safety we recommend that you contact a medical provider immediately to discuss your current health condition.
  • If you are sick and have a positive COVID-19 test result, your grades will not be penalized as long as you work closely with your instructors and they know of your condition.
  • If you are a student employee, you will not lose your on-campus job as long as you maintain communication with your campus employer.
  • If you are sick and have a positive COVID-19 test result, you will not be allowed to return to campus until you have been cleared by your medical provider and based on CDC guidance for ending quarantine.
  • Prior to returning to campus, please contact the Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, 808-235-7370, to confirm the end of quarantine and receive approval to return to campus.

If you have any questions, we recommend going to:
State of Hawai’i COVID Information