Employee Exposed to COVID-19

Please self-quarantine, contact your doctor immediately, and report this to your supervisor, who will work with you on appropriate documentation and leave or telework options, if appropriate. Please do not return to campus until you have been cleared by a healthcare professional or the local health department or your quarantine period is over. Employees must confirm appropriate medical clearance with their Dean/Director before returning to work.

Employee Testing Positive For COVID-19

If you have tested positive for COVID-19, do not return to campus until you been cleared to return by a medical professional or a Department of Health Officer.

  • Employees must inform their supervisor, who should keep their identity confidential and will advise on appropriate documentation and leave.
  • Employees should confirm medical clearance to return to work following staying at home due to COVID-19 or related symptoms, with their Dean/Director.

Employee Traveling Out of State

Employees traveling out of state must follow the guidelines of the State of Hawaiʻi Safe Travelsprogram.

Employee on Campus

If an employee reports exposure to COVID-19, to another employee while on campus, starts to develop COVID-19 symptoms or other COVID-19 related health concerns, or suspects they have COVID-19:

  1. The employee should temporarily isolate in a private office, private vehicle or in the Isolation Room on the Hale Alakaʻi lanai immediately. Access to the lanai is by way of the front stairs at the entrance to the campus. Alternatively, the lanai may be reached by ramps behind the building.
  2. The employee should call the following:
    • A healthcare provider (or 911, if warranted) to be advised on next steps.
    • Campus Security, 808-235-7355, to let them know they are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or have had contact with an individual who tested positive.
  3. The employee should complete the information on the WCC Employee Contact Tracing Form (see image below) or let Security know the following:
    • Locations on campus they have been within the past 24 hours
    • People they have been in contact with on campus within 6 feet for a combined total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period.
  4. Please note, answers to these questions will assist the DOH in helping the campus with this particular situation.
  5. Employee shall inform their supervisor if they recall additional locations and contacts at a later time.
  6. Employee should continue to follow the healthcare provider’s directions.
  7. Employee should ensure that they can safely depart campus through private vehicle or medical transport (public transportation is NOT recommended).
  8. All individuals called to the campus space to assist with the situation shall:
    • Maintain a safe distance from the employee
    • Ensure that proper face coverings are worn
    • Continue to engage in dialogue with the employee and/or assist/ensure the employee has completed the WCC Employee Contact Tracing Form
  9. The employee shall be given the following information prior to departing campus:

Information for Employees Who Have Reported a COVID-19 Related Health Issue:

  • For your safety we recommend that you contact a medical provider immediately to discuss your current health condition.
  • If you are sick and have a positive COVID-19 test result, you will be placed on leave or provided telework options, if appropriate and will not be allowed to return to campus until you have been cleared by your medical provider and based on CDC guidance for ending quarantine.
  • Specific leave questions can be directed to the WCC HR office, 808-235-7404.
  • Prior to returning to campus, please contact the Interim Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services, 808-235-7403, to confirm the end of quarantine and receive approval to return to campus.

If you have any questions, we recommend going to:
State of Hawai’i COVID Information