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Hawai‘i Craftmen's Fiber Hawai‘i 2020 at Gallery ‘Iolani

Fiber Hawai‘i is a biennial juried exhibition of objects made IN, OF or ABOUT fiber. It provides a space for the conflation of ideas such as art and craft—traditional and contemporary—functional and non-functional—past, present, and future.



Christopher Edwards


Ceramic with gold luster

Christopher Edwards


Raku-fired ceramic, steel wire

Christopher Edwards


Ceramic, polymer

Christopher Edwards



Christopher Edwards

A Tisket A Tasket

Fiber Basketry

Gail M. Toma

Along the Way


Kathy Tosh 

Aurum 79

Intaglio printed on palm fiber and gilded with gold ink and Kanazawa gold powder

Pratisha Budhiraja

Beneath the Surface

Felted wool

Elizabeth Train 


Woven Tapestry

Elizabeth Train


Dyed and pieced hemp fiber hand stitched

Wendy Messier

Brian’s Shibori Quilt

Fiber Indigo Shibori Dye

Gail M. Toma

Bubble Wrap

Resist fulled wool

Sheri Leven McNerthney  

Bumfgulla Jacket

Felting and Sewing

Ron Kent in collaboration with Elizabaeth Kent 

Coco Bowl

Palm weaving

Joy Ritchey 


Wood carved

Francisco Clemente 


Kapa with watercolor and gouache

Georgia P. Sartoria


Tea leaves on corrugated cardboard

Jennifer Ko

Dark Energy

Resin with acrylic trapped between a Yupo and a transparent sheet after a process of 40 days minimum for complete drying 350

Monica Anderson

Resin mixed with golden and transparent violet high fluid acrylics trapped between a Yupo and a transparent sheet after a process of 40 days minimum for complete drying

Monica Anderson


Vintage (19th century) paper collaged and woven; ink, paint

Charlotte Forsythe

Ke Kuhikuhi

Palm sheath, raffia

Dianne Ige


Palm sheath and bract, raffia

Dianne Ige

Lau Pāma

Palm sheath, raffia

Dianne Ige


Palm sheath stitched with raffia

Dianne Ige



Joy Ritchey 


Hand embroidery, stenciling and painting

Patricia Greene

Earth Shimmering

Handwoven Taiten Shibori Cotton with Indigo, Osage, and Quebracho Rojo dyes

Ghislaine D. Chock

(Not my) Fault Lines

Machine stitching: cotton canvas, shibori dyed cotton

Linda Taylor

Felted Jacket


Ron Kent in collaboration with Elizabeth Kent 

Fishtrap (from blood memory)

Inkjet print, burlap Michelle Conley-Harada

Rebecca Goldschmidt 

Good Morning

Cotton, mercerized cotton, feathers Coil basket

Joyce Jeffers


Cotton cloth, human hairs, thread, hair spray, rice starch Sewing

Sadaf Naeem

Kualoa Timelapse

Watercolor and pastel on vellum and illustration board, with thin yarn supported by stainless steel and or fiberglass in aluminum frame

Craig Kagawa in collaboration with Ruth Light


Mixed media; hemp fiber, vintage fiber items, pearl buttons, thread

Linda Kane

Hidden Workforce

Mixed media; Dress patterns, images, encaustic wax, thread

Linda Kane

Lots of Knots

Found objects on beaches including rope knots and fishing floats tied to plastic frame

Ruth Light


Yupo hard paper, resin and acrylics. Technique, pouring, stamping.

Monica Anderson

Honu Returns to Laniakea

Hand dyed silks, linens and cottons, dyed with indigo and rust

Paula Rath

Summer Waimea Bay

Hand dyed silks, linens and cottons, dyed with indigo and rust

Paula Rath

Reflections on Hala/Pandan

Silverpoint drawing on archival paper, reflective thread stitching

Michelle Schwengel-Regala


Wool Tapestry

Kathy Tosh 

Spin Cycle

Batik fabrics,machine appliquéd, quilted

Margaret Teruya

Spirit Mountain

Woven sculpture

Suzanne Marinelli 

Tower Crane Embroidery Sampler Book

Digital Sewing Machine Embroidery

Maya Portner

Treasure or Trouble: Polymetallic Nodules I, II, VIII-X knitted metal

Copper, aluminum, steel, brass, and seawater in readymade object (glass)

Michelle Schwengel-Regala

Tribute Jacket

Dan Foley Changed the Social Fabric Sewing

Elizabeth Kent


Paper Assemblage

Sara Oka

Warp & Weft

Computer-generated animation, recorded onto motion picture film. Then, printed film is laid out and mounted onto a custom-built light box for display

Brian Black

While You Were Resting

Hand embroidery, machine sewing, emergency blanket

Reem Bassous


Mixed media embroidery on monk’s cloth

Michelle Conley-Harada