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Business Office




Contact for questions on:

Sharon Nakagawa

Fiscal Administrator


Request for Kuali Access Request for NEW PCard holder

Stephanie Kashiwaeda

Administrative Officer


Extramural Funds

Purchasing and Accounts Payable

Amelia Shibata

Institutional Support


Create Vendor (W-9 & WH-1)

Purchasing: Kuali & RCUH Requisitions & P.O.s SuperQuote: Kuali

Travel: Out of State & Foreign (eTravel & RCUH)

PCard: PCDO’s & CentreSuite

Shannon Lono

Account Clerk


Payments: Kuali & RCUH

(P.O.s, Stipends, mileage, etc…)

Travel: Inter-Island (eTravel & RCUH)

Payroll: Student timesheets (sece), overload &

Casual hire timesheet payments

Auxiliary and Accounts Receivable

Kawai Shapiro

Office Assistant


Banner: Tuition refunds, payments & Third Party Billing Accounts Receivable: Customer & Internal (R) invoices Inventory: Capital Assets/Equipment

Keys: Issuance & Returns of campus keys

State Vehicles: Reservations & maintenance

Mail: US Postal & Campus mail, Receive UPS & FedEx deliveries

Elizabeth Hale



Banner: Tuition payments, Third Party payments

Accounts Receivables: Deposits

Cash Fund Change Count (CCE & Library)

Check Distribution: Paychecks, Stipends, RCUH Reimbursements

The Business Office is located in Hale Alakai.

Last Name and First Name [sort]Position [sort]   and emailLocation [sort]Phone
Business OfficeInstitutional
Hale Alaka‘i 114235-7411
Kashiwaeda, Stephanie Administrative Officer
Hale Alaka‘i 114235-7417
Lono, Shannon Account Clerk
Hale Alaka‘i 114235-7410
Mail Room Institutional
Hale Alaka‘i 127
Nakagawa, Sharon Fiscal Administrator
Hale Alaka‘i 114235-7412
Shapiro, Kawai Office Assistant
Hale Alaka‘i 114235-7408
Shibata, Amelia Institutional Support
Hale Alaka‘i 114235-7409