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Merchandise Available at the Bookstore



The WCC Bookstore carries a wide assortment of supplies and other merchandise, including:


Computer Equipment

  • flash drives
  • headphones
  • CD-R
  • portable speakers

Art Supplies

  • art paper
  • paint and brushes
  • clay and ceramics tools
  • photography supplies
  • screenprinting supplies

School Supplies

  • student planners
  • calculators
  • notebooks, binders
  • backpacks
  • pens, pencils, erasers

Reference Materials

  • study guides
  • Hawaiiana

Logo Merchandise

  • WCC and UH licensed logo items


  • microwaveable lunches: pizza, burritos, ramen
  • candy bars, chips, gum, coffee cake, ice cream, cookies
  • juice and soda, energy drinks, cold coffee drinks

Pharmacy products

  • aspirin, antacid
  • first aid
  • feminine products

Special Merchandise

  • graduation attire (cap & gown)
  • lab coats
  • postage stamps

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