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The Planning and Budget Council provides advice and counsel to the Chancellor regarding economic, political, industry, and programmatic forces that are currently or will have impact on the College’s plan of action that is designed to accomplish specific goals.  Initiatives to achieve these goals are justified by assessment, analysis, and evidence of community needs.  A major outcome of the PBC’s work is regular review and updating of the Strategic Plan and the prioritization of the College Budget.

The goals of the Planning and Budget Council (PBC) are to ensure that the College is best positioned to:

  • Utilize and/or leverage the College’s strengths;
  • Fortify the College’s areas of weakness;
  • Take advantage of new opportunities; and,
  • Monitor and respond to external complexities.

The primary mission of the PBC is to:

  • Review, evaluate, and update the College Strategic Plan, at least once a year;
  • Prioritize strategic actions based on program reviews, annual reports, and summary reports from the deans and directors; and,
  • Review, evaluate, prioritize, and make recommendations to the Chancellor regarding the use of resources in the College budget, and regarding resource requests for future funding.