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Foundations Quantitative Requirement and the Phase out of Foundations Symbolic Requirement

Beginning Fall 2018, the Foundations Quantitative (FQ) Requirement will become effective. For all new or returning students, instead of the Foundations Symbolic (FS) requirement, there will be a Foundations Quantitative (FQ) Requirement for any of the AA degrees and the ASNS degree that they wish to pursue.

After Summer 2020, courses will no longer carry the FS designation at WCC (or any of the UH community colleges). Therefore, students who are planning to obtain an AA degree that has an FS requirement must complete their FS requirement by summer 2020.

Foundations Designation Process

The Foundations Board reviews all requests that a course be designated as satisfying an AA degree Foundations requirement. Requests are submitted directly from the Department Chair or Lead Instructor to the Chair of the Foundations Board, Jean Okumura.


Written Communications (FW)

CourseOriginal DateEnd DateNext Renewal Due
ENG 100Fall 2003Summer 2023Fall 2022

Symbolic Reasoning (FS)

CourseOriginal DateEnd DateNext Renewal Due
ICS 141Fall 2010Summer 2020
ICS 241Fall 2016Summer 2020
MATH 100Fall 2003Summer 2020
MATH 103Fall 2008*Summer 2020
MATH 111***Summer 2008
MATH 112Spring 2007Summer 2020
MATH 115**Summer 2009
MATH 135Fall 2008*Summer 2020
MATH 140Fall 2003Summer 2020
MATH 203Fall 2003Summer 2020
MATH 241
(formerly MATH 205)
Fall 2003Summer 2020
PHIL 110Fall 2003Summer 2020

* Prior to Fall 2008, Math 103/135 satisfied FS for the AA degree only.
** Math 115 satisfied FS for the AA degree only until summer 2009. 
*** Math 111 satisfied FS for the AA degree only until summer 2008.

Quantitative Reasoning (FQ)

Course & GroupOriginal DateEnd DateNext Renewal Due
ICS 141Fall 2018Summer 2023Fall 2022
MATH 100Fall 2018Summer 2024Fall 2023
MATH 101Fall 2020Summer 2025Fall 2024
MATH 103Fall 2018Summer 2024Fall 2023
MATH 112Fall 2018Summer 2024Fall 2023
MATH 115Fall 2018Summer 2023Fall 2022
MATH 135Fall 2018Summer 2024Fall 2023
MATH 140Fall 2018Summer 2024Fall 2023
MATH 203Fall 2018Summer 2023Fall 2022
MATH 241
(Formerly MATH 205)
Fall 2018Summer 2024Fall 2023
PHIL 111Fall 2018Summer 2023Fall 2022

Global/Multicultural Perspectives (FG)

Course & GroupOriginal DateEnd DateNext Renewal Due
ANTH 151 (A)Spring 2015Summer 2024Fall 2023
ANTH 152 (B)Fall 2015Summer 2025Fall 2024
ART 175 (A)Fall 2016Summer 2026Fall 2025
ART 176 (B)Fall 2016Summer 2026Fall 2025
GEOG 102 (B)Fall 2015Summer 2025Fall 2024
HIST 151 (A)Fall 2003Summer 2023Fall 2022
HIST 152 (B)Fall 2003Summer 2023Fall 2022
REL 150 (C)Fall 2008Summer 2023Fall 2022

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