Pursuant to Board of Regents’ Policies, Chapter 9-12, Executive Personnel Policies, “Every appointee to an Executive position shall be evaluated for performance and accomplishments annually …. ” The evaluations are to be competed between March and June and should include a review of the position description and assignment of duties to the position to which the individual is appointed. The results of the evaluation “shall be the basis for reappointment as appropriate and for consideration of salary adjustments …. “

Implementation at Windward Community College

Administrators at Windward Community College submit a list of people who will be surveyed to the Chancellor’s secretary.

The list must include:

  • at least 10 Colleagues: which will include other administrators at Windward Community College and additional administrators from the UH System
  • at least 10 Subordinates: which will include appropriate secretaries, people whom the adminstrator supervises, and for Deans, will also include department chairs.
  • at least 50 Constituents: which must include ALL permanent faculty under the administrator’s jurisdiction unless they are listed in one of the other lists.

The survey is administered by the UH System. The surveys are typically administered in April of every year. In May, the results are sent to the Chancellor for appropriate action. In the case of the Chancellor, the results are sent to the Vice-President of Community Colleges.