Prerequisites Required

Prerequisites Required



Pre-requisites and Co-requisites for Summer, 2013

ACC 201

Pre-Requisites: Placement into ENG 100 or equivalent

ANSC 252

Pre-Requisites: Admission into the Veterinary Technology program. Students enrolling in ANSC 252 are required to show proof of current health insurance and sign a liability waiver.
Co-Requisites: Concurrent enrollment in ANSC 252L.

ART 220

Pre-Requisites: Acceptance through a drawing portfolio which demonstrates evidence of skills in observational drawing.


Pre-Requisites: Credit for or registration in BIOL 124 or consent of instructor.

BUSN 164

Pre-Requisites: Placement into ENG 100

CHEM 272

Pre-Requisites: A grade of “C” or better in CHEM 162 or consent of instructor.

ENG 19

Pre-Requisites: Placement into ENG 19 or higher, or grade of âCâ or better in ENG 18, or consent of instructor.

HLTH 125

Pre-Requisites: Grade of "C" or better in ENG 21 or ENG 23 or placement into ENG 22 or higher.

HWST 285

Pre-Requisites: Credit for HWST 107 or BOT 105.

ICS 111

Pre-Requisites: MATH 103 with a grade of "C" or better, placement into Math 135, or consent of instructor


Pre-Requisites: Grade of âCâ or better in MATH 19, MATH 21, MATH 21B, MATH 22, or equivalent; satisfactory placement test score, or consent of instructor.

PHRM 203

Pre-Requisites: Grade of "C" or better in ZOOL 141 and ZOOL 142.

PSY 240

Pre-Requisites: Credit for PSY 100 or consent of instructor.

SP 151

Pre-Requisites: Placement in ENG 21 or ENG 23 or higher.

ZOOL 141

Pre-Requisites: High school chemistry or equivalent preparation or consent of instructor.