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Letter from Dean Richardson on Schedule of Classes, Fall 2011


February 2, 2011


We are going to start working on the schedule of classes for Fall 2011, and I wanted to sketch out the overall process. The Spring 2012 schedule will be started soon, once the Fall scheduling has progressed.

The hope is that the entire process will be as public and will respond to scheduling issues as effectively as possible.

As in previous years, there will be two main stages in the process. This year, however, the process will be as online as possible.

The other big difference is that we are implementing the scheduling system proposed by Faculty Senate back in 2007, which will organize each day in terms of 75 minute slots. There will be a fair amount of minor adjustments in start times, etc. Overall, I think the hope is that the schedule will become a lot cleaner, with fewer conflicts. Let me know if you have any questions about the schedule structure.

In terms of process ...


The First Stage

First, discipline schedulers - meaning coordinators for courses that have the same course alpha - will enter the desired schedule for everyone in that discipline - (if a lecturer has not been determined yet, then they will fill out the rest of the course information and leave the instructor information blank). The starting point for this stage is the Fall 2010 schedule, with some adjustments, especially in terms of start times and classroom assignments given changes in which classrooms are going to be available.

In consultation with department chairs, a list of discipline schedulers has been started, which can be found at:

The list isn't complete yet, but should be soon. If you see any problems with this list, or know who the coordinator should be for areas that are currently empty, please contact your department chair and myself so we can get it fixed.

Hopefully, this stage should take a week or two (meaning we will be done by February 14th or so. I think that most of them already have the information in one form or another, and in most cases it's not going to change. If people need more time, then we can extend this, and if everyone gets done earlier, then we can move on to the next stage sooner. But February 14th seems like a good target date.

I'd be happy to meet with any discipline scheduler to work them through the data entry process. It would be great to see how the interface should be improved.

Coordinators can start entering data now at: .

The process (technologies, procedures, and policies) will have some kinks in it - if you find any, please let me know as soon as you can.


The Second Stage (hopefully from the middle to the end of February)

Once the coordinators have entered the course information for their respective disciplines, all of the desired schedules will be put together and problems will be worked out, pukas will be identified, and the schedule will be generally massaged into something more coherent. The easy issues will be solved right away. The more difficult ones will be referred to the department chairs and, if necessary, to the office of Academic Affairs.

One hope is to solve as many scheduling issues as quickly as possible and make it clear which issues require more attention. Doing all of this online should help keep us focused on a single working document.

At this stage, coordinators will not be able to adjust schedules on their own. Rather, requests to change the schedule will be done with an online form and added to a "request list" that we can work on while doing the final sorting out. That way, the process should keep progressing towards ever greater coherency.


There are some scheduling tools that may be useful for people working through the process.

if you want to see the current draft (which is more or less what was offered in Fall 2010), go to:

If you want to see when rooms are being used, go to:

If you want to see what rooms are being used at a particular time, go to:

If you want to see the schedule for particular people, go to:


Please let me know if you have any questions, notice any problems with the process as sketched out here, or would like me to show you the system.



Dean of Academic Affairs, Division II
Windward Community College
(808) 235-7416