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If you drive a low-emission, fuel-efficient vehicle, you could be eligible to park in one of the parking spots in the new parking lot across from Mana’opono that have been designated for fuel efficient vehicles (Green Cars).  Follow the simple steps below to get your Green Car Permit.

  1. Determine whether your vehicle is a Green Car
  2. Get your Green Car Permit
    Bring a completed application form and your vehicle registration to the WCC Office of Safety and Security in Alakaʻi 125.  You must have a current WCC “Fuel Efficient” parking permit displayed on your dashboard in order to park in a Fuel Efficient parking stall.
  3. Find preferred Green Car parking 
    The parking stalls designated for “low-emitting/fuel-efficient vehicles only” are located near the entrance of the new Library parking lot across from Mana`opono and are specifically reserved for low-emission, fuel-efficient, vehicles.  Just look for the signs that read,  “These parking stalls are available to faculty, staff, and students”.

Note:  Spaces are limited; therefore a “Green Car” permit does not necessarily guarantee you one of the designated fuel-efficient parking stalls.