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The Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Service recognizes a Windward CC civil service or administrative, professional and technical (APT) employee for outstanding demonstrated work performance, service, leadership and/or the fostering of excellence in higher education.

Recipients have been selected based on outstanding work performance and achievement.  Examples of outstanding accomplishments may include

  • making significant improvements in the services of the college;
  • showing imaginative or creative solutions to difficult department or college problems;
  • taking an active interest and participating in departmental or college affairs;
  • having a record of competence and sustained efficiency;
  • demonstrating integrity and dedication to the community college mission;
  • contributing to the increased efficiency of the college or the system through such means as eliminating unnecessary duplication, economically combining operations, procedures, reports and/or forms or eliminating water, fire, health or accident hazards.


2022–2023Nalani Kaun
2020–2021Johnette Cosier
2019–2020Sharon Nakagawa
2018–2019Jordan Lewton
2017–2018Kevin Morimatsu
2017–2018Kahea Tani
2016–2017Michael McIntosh
2015–2016Gus Cobb-Adams
2015–2016Dorene Niibu
2014–2015Bonnie Beatson
2014–2015Woody Garrison
2014–2015Dayna Isa
2013–2014Cresencia “Bella” Antonio
2012–2013Lisa Hayashi
2011–2012Steven Chigawa
2010–2011Susan Ma
2009–2010Sandie Carmichael
2008–2009Frank Mattos