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Skype is a computer program that allows you talk to people to talk to each other over the web. It works on Macs and Windows and the basic services are free!

Downloading Skype and Setting up an Account

  • Download Skype from
  • Install the program on your computer and run it (like you would any other program - there's nothing strange about Skype)
  • You will be asked to set up an account. Your user ID must be unique in the Skype world. The ID is what you will send to other people so they how to contact you.

Image of the window to add and use contactsAdding Someone to Your Contact List

  • The contact list in Skype is a list of the people that you frequently contact.
  • You can search for someone.
  • You can type in their user ID (if they've sent it to you)

Making a Call

  • It's simple: if the person is in your contact List, click on the name and you will see a "Call" button to click on.
  • Initiating a Skype Call - from the "For Dummies" website

screen shot of the Receiving a call windowReceiving a Call

  • Skype needs to be running for you to receive a call
  • Once you hear the Skype phone ringing, a little window will pop up to warn you. Click on "Answer" button.

Main ControlsTurning on the Video

  • There is a small "Video" button on the top of the window that turns the video on and off.

Setting up a Conference Call

  • You can set up a conference call between up to 25 people. Video will not work.