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Hooking Your Computer Up to Classroom Projector


The Connection from the Projector

Many classrooms at Windward CC have built-in ceiling projectors. If your classroom has one, then you will connect to the projector via the panel on the side of the media closet (which will be located in the one of the corners at the front of the classroom.

If your classroom does not have a built-in ceiling projector, there are portable projectors available on carts that can be wheeled into your classroom. Contact the Media Production Center for more information.

The cable connecting to the classroom or portable LCD projector is a standard VGA connection. This is the same cable that would connect the computer to a monitor. If a VGA cable is not available in your classroom, contact the Media Center.

The Connection from a Windows Computer

If you have a Windows computer (laptop), there will be a connection on your computer that will fit the VGA cable.

Example of a Macintosh dongle for videoThe Connection from a Macintosh Computer

If you have a Macintosh computer, you will likely need an adaptor that allows you to connect to the VGA cable. The picture on the right is an example, but the actual adaptor you need will depend on the model of your computer. In any event, one end will connect to your computer and the other will connect to the cable. The adaptor normally comes with your computer. If you do not have one, contact Computing Services.

Starting the Projector and Computer

Once the computer is connected to the VGA cable

  1. turn on the LCD projector
  2. if you are connecting to the wall panel, then change the input to the "computer"
  3. turn on (or restart) the computer

In most classrooms, more information is available on the inside of the media closet.