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The Web Content Tool


While you can display basic information using the Home Tool (which is the default tool for Laulima courses), you can also set a Laulima course up to display web content. You may want to do this if you have created using Dreamweaver and uploaded to your Laulima course, or if you have course material from a publisher.

Screen shot showing "options" link

Here is where you enter the URL that you want the Web Content to display

Steps to Change Front Page to Download a Web Page

  1. Log in to Laulima and select your course
  2. If you are going to use a web resource in your Resources folder, it's more efficient to find the URL first.
  3. In the Site Info, go to "Site Info"
    1. Turn the "Home" tool off
    2. Turn the "Web Content tool on
    3. Confirm your changes by clicking the "Continue" button
  4. Enter the the Title and URL that the Web Content tool will use. You can always change this later.
  5. Click the "Continue" button and then the "Finish" button.

Picture of Laulima Options to set front website

You can always change the web content later
by clicking on the Options link.

The web page should now appear in the workspace area.

If you want to move the web page to the top of the your tool list, use the "Site Info" tool and select the "Page Order" option.

A Website as Your Class's Front Page

To have a website as your class's front page, you need to do three things (assuming that the page already exists somewhere).

  1. Add the Webcontent tool.
  2. Turn off the "Home" Tool and turn on the Webcontent Tool.
  3. Move the Webcontent page to the top of the tools list using the "Page Order" option in the "Site Info" tool. The tool on the top of the list is the one that your students will see first.