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Post 'Em


Note: this information has been taken from the Laulima Help Center, which should be consulted for more information.

Using the Post'Em tool, you can upload a comma delimited (CSV) spreadsheet to present feedback to site participants.

Post'Em provides the following functionality:

  • Display a participant's individual feedback to that participant
  • Display all participants' feedback to the site leader
  • Allow the site leader to view a single participant's feedback
  • Calculate and display simple statistics for any numerical data
  • Upload more than one feedback file

You can use Post'Em to create multiple gradebooks, upload an Excel spreadsheet of grades, or simply post comments.

You must be assigned a role having the necessary permissions.

Post'Em is hidden by default, and must be turned on to be used. Click here for information on how to turn on a Laulima tool.

Spreadsheet formatting: For a spreadsheet file to be compatible with Post'Em, it must be saved in .csv format. The first column must contain usernames, and the first row must contain headings. Other data cells may contain text or numerical values. Download a sample .csv file here.

Posting a File in Post'Em tool

  1. Click on the relevant worksite (probably your course)
  2. Click Post'Em
  3. Click Add.
  4. In the field next to "Title", enter a title for your file (maximum length is 30 characters).
  5. In the field next to "Choose a file", click Browse... , and navigate to your .csv file.
  6. If you wish to release the feedback to participants (i.e., allow your students to see the grades), check Release feedback to participants? .
  7. To save your file, click Post; to cancel, click Cancel.
  8. On the "Verify Upload" page you will see a sample of how the file will appear. To continue and post the file, click Save. To return to the upload screen, click Back.

Students will then be able to see their individual scores. Usernames that appear in your csv file that are not part of your course will be ignored.

Other Functions

  • Download a Post'Em file to your computer by selecting the <download> option
  • Update a Post'Em file by finding the file in Post'Em and selecting the <update> option
  • Delete a Post'Em file by find the file in Post'Em and selecting the <delete> option