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Getting a Laulima Site Ready for the Semester


Every semester, new Laulima sites are automatically created for every course you are teaching. Every semester, therefore, it is important to set up your Laulima workspace and set up each course.

Set up your workspace

Set up a Temporary Welcome Page

If you're concerned with the course being published automatically, you can set up your course so that students can only see a welcome page.

  1. Hide all of the tools except Web Content (through the "Page Order" option in the "Site Info" tool
  2. Create a temporary web page that has a short welcome message, textbook information, a link to information on online classes, etc.

Then, when you want to make the course available, just show all of the tools again.

Set up Your Tools

  • If you're going to use a tool, turn it on
  • If you're not going to use a tool, then turn it off
  • If you might use a tool, turn it on later
  • Change the order of your tools using the Page Order option (located in the Site Info tool)
  • Change the names of your tools using the Page Order option (located in the Site Info tool)
  • Set up Gradebook
  • Set up Discussions and Private Messages
  • It is recommended that you turn on the Site Stats tool - it doesn't collect data until you turn it on, and you may need it to determine when, if at all, a student was active in your class

Set up the Course Materials

First Contact

  • Email your students using the Mailtool, given them basic information about the course materials