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Why is the Student Success site important?


The information on this site can help you make decisions which ensure that you keep your academic record as clean as possible.

Whenever you enroll in a credit-granting institution, you are creating a permanent academic record. This permanent record is your official transcript. Your transcipt shows all of the courses you've enrolled in, and all of the grades you've received. It's permanent -- nothing can be erased or replaced. It's important to be aware of this as you make decisions to register or withdraw from classes.

When you apply to transfer to another college, a university, or to a professional program, you'll be submitting a copy of your official transcript as part of your application. Your transcript is an important piece of the application package, used by schools to determine whether to extend you an offer of admission.

When you apply for jobs, your potential employers may request a copy of your transcripts. Patterns of withdrawals or failing grades can tell a lot about how you might perform as an employee. How can you ensure that your transcript provides employers with a good impression of you?

Although you may be taking classes only for interest now, you might decide to pursue a degree at a later date. Your transcript will be used as part of your application.

No matter what your current educational goals are, the Windward CC Student Success site is full of information and helpful advice for you!