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Academic Probation - Self Help Suggestions


If you don’t have time to see a counselor right now, there are several things you can do on your own.

First, make it a point to see a counselor soon.

In the meantime:

Assess the time that you actually have for school

Use the TIME MANAGEMENT exercise here.

It’s rare nowadays to find a ‘traditional’ college student who is living at home with parents and who doesn’t have to work. Many students are working, have spouses, children, and other important responsibilities. Prioritize your activities to see how much time you actually have for school and studies, and plan your course load accordingly.

Plan a strategy for raising your GPA quickly

You might have to put your graduation plans on hold for a semester or two while you take courses to raise your GPA. There is no “magic list of easy classes” – what’s easy for ME wouldn’t necessarily be easy for YOU! You know your strengths and weaknesses; choose classes that match your interests with your aptitude to give yourself a good chance at earning high grades.

Need help discovering your interests and aptitudes? Contact your assigned counselor. Call 235-7413 to schedule an appointment.

Take advantage of all of the campus resources you’re qualified for.

Use the Campus Resource assistant here.

If a break would be helpful for you, take a 'stop out.'

Most students run into academic trouble due to responsibilities and obligations OUTSIDE of school. It may be best to take time off from school and return when your circumstances have changed. As long as your academic record allows, school will always be here for you when you’re ready!

Be aware of deadlines for withdrawing

The withdrawal deadline is posted in the academic calendar and printed in the Schedule of Classes. You can also find the withdrawal deadline for a particular course by clicking on its CRN in the online class availability list. If you withdraw by the deadline, you’ll receive a “W” in place of an A-F letter grade. Patterns of Ws in your record are not a good thing, but, a W is better than an F! Ws do not factor into your GPA or count as enrolled credits.