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Frequently Asked Questions


If I’m on Academic Warning, do I qualify for financial aid?

Financial Aid eligibility is based on criteria that is different from academic policy. It is possible, for example, to be in good academic standing and not be eligible for financial aid. Please contact the Financial Aid Office if you have questions or concerns about your aid eligibility.

Do I qualify for student employment if my cumulative GPA is below 2.0?

No, you must be in good academic standing to qualify for student employment. Please check with the Student Employment office in Alaka'i 122 for clarification.

What is an academic record, and why is it important?

Your academic record (official transcript) lists all of the courses you’ve ever taken, along with the grades you earned. This record is permanent; nothing is ever replaced or erased. Your record can be used by schools and potential employers to evaluate your application. Ballpark figures for successful applicants: minimum 2.5 GPA to transfer to another academic institution; a minimum of 3.0 to qualify for graduate school. Employers look for patterns in your record which can reveal things about you as a potential employee.

I need to withdraw because of more hours at work. How do I take care of this?

Students can withdraw from classes up through the withdrawal deadline, which is published in the Schedule of Classes and Course Catalog. The procedure depends on whether you are doing a PARTIAL Withdrawal (keeping some classes), or a COMPLETE Withdrawal (leaving school entirely).

Partial withdrawals can be done online via MyUH. See an academic advisor if you have questions.

Complete withdrawals must be done in person at the Admissions & Records Office.

I don't want to withdraw from a class, but I'm not doing very well. Can I change my grading option to CR/NC?

You can change your grading option up until the deadline published in the Schedule of Classes. Visit the Admissions and Records office for the form; you will need to get your instructor's signature.

Be aware that courses taken to fulfill Certificate and A.A. (graduation, foundations and diversification) requirements must be taken for a letter grade. Electives taken for CR/NC will count toward the 60 credits required for the A.A. For example, one of the A.A. graduation requirements is two writing intensive courses. If you take a WI course for CR/NC and receive CR, you'll earn 3 credits toward the 60 required of the A.A., but will not be able to use the class to fulfill a WI graduation requirement.

If I repeat a previously failed course will the higher grade replace the lower one?

First off, your academic record is permanent; nothing is ever erased or replaced. When you choose to repeat a course, however, Windward CC will use the higher grade in computing your campus GPA. The campus GPA is what will be used to determine satisfactory academic progress at Windward CC, and eligibility for graduation from Windward CC (only).

Not all campuses have a "forgiveness" rule, and you are responsible for informing yourself of policy at schools you plan to transfer to. For example, if you apply to UH-Manoa, ALL grades received in ALL repeated attempts will be calculated into your GPA to determine transfer eligibility.

I attend all classes and study a lot, but still don't do very well. I suspect that I may have a learning disability, even though I was never diagnosed before. What should I do?

You can meet with Ann Lemke, Windward CC's disability counselor, to discuss your concerns. 235-7448, ‘Akoakoa 213.