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The Windward Sustainability Club aims to incorporate sustainability into formal and extra-curricular education and student activities, as well as encourage service learning, research initiatives, and campus policies that advance the principles of sustainability.

Sustainability means to serve the needs of the present without jeopardizing the needs of the future. Sustainability requires natural resource use that nurtures life on earth. Critical resources include energy, food, water, land, and sea as they are integrated with the relationships of family, culture, community, justice, work, and economy in the present and the future.

Are you interested in?

  • Transportation, Energy, or Water
  • Green Business
  • Agriculture or Biodiversity
  • Recycling and Waste Management
  • Climate Change
  • Ocean and Coastal Resource Management
  • Conservation and Environmental Policy
  • Culturally Appropriate Planning
  • Community Health and Engagement

Join us! Learn how YOU can help mālama 'aina!

Email for more information: Floyd McCoy or Rachel Harvey

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Do you ever wonder...What can I do?

Sustainability On Campus - Top 10 Actions

1. Bring your own bottle.  Choose a reusable beverage bottle instead of single-use disposables.

2.  Recycle. Take your bottles and cans to the nearest blue bin.

3. Rethink mobility. Carpool, bus, or bike more often. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

4. Go paperless. Print less by using digital copies of articles and assignments. Print double-sided when possible.

5. Pack a low waste lunch. Use reusable containers. Avoid the need for plastic utensils by bringing a washable fork or chopsticks from home.

6. Power down. Turn off the lights. Enable power saving settings and turn off or unplug phones, computers, and chargers when not in use.

7. Eat sustainably. Eat one or more local or vegetarian meals per week.

8. Reuse. Buy and share used books.

9. Learn more! Get involved! Join a campus club or class related to sustainability.

10. Speak up! Be an example and help spread the word about sustainable behavior.

Rachel PlantingThe Windward Sustainability Club is part of a growing University of Hawai'i system-wide student group, the Student Sustainability Coalition of Hawaii (SSCH), centered on the following values.

PASSION (Koni) – Members are passionate and fueled by a shared drive to see the its mission actualized effectively, efficiently, and in a FUN and engaging manner.

VOICE (Leo) – Club meetings provide a safe space for ideas to be shared, and encourages engagement of diverse perspectives, skills and leadership abilities.

ACCOUNTABILITY (Kuleana) – Members exhibit responsibility in their work and value accountability of everyday actions as a fundamental aspect of sustainability.

PLACE-BASED (Mālama 'Āina)- Club projects incorporate the uniqueness of Hawaiʻi and indigenous values and knowledge into its planning and actions.

CONNECTION (Laulima) - The club values cohesion and collaboration among its members and its larger community network.

SOCIAL JUSTICE (Kaulike) – The club incorporates social justice and equality in its definition of sustainability.

Find out more on the University of Hawai'i System portal to sustainability activities. 

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