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Student Affairs Policies


Student Conduct Code

Choosing to join the Windward Community College obligates each student to abide by the Student Conduct Code. By enrolling at the Windward Community College, students accept the responsibility to become fully acquainted with Windward Community College’s regulations and to comply with Windward Community College’s authority. The Windward Community College expects students to maintain standards of personal integrity that are in harmony with the educational goals of the institution; to respect the rights, privileges, and property of others; and to observe national, state, and local laws and university regulations. Please refer to (EP 7.208 Systemwide Student Conduct Code)

Student Grievance Procedure

The College maintains formal grievance procedures for resolving complaints and grievances brought by students who believe a faculty member has acted improperly or in a manner inconsistent with the student’s customary academic expectations. The College’s policy aligns with University of Hawaii AP 9.920, Discrimination Complaint Procedures.



February 26, 2015