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Early Admission - Running Start



Cover of Early Admission, Running Start handbookAre you still in high school and interested in taking college classes now?

Students in these programs must also fill out the College application, the health clearances, and all other requirements from the Admissions and Records office.

Speak with your high school counselor or Windward CC Early Admissions and Running Start counselor Ann Lemke for specific details.

Running Start is a state-wide program that provides an opportunity for academically qualified juniors and seniors enrolled in a Department of Education school (including charter schools) to enroll in college classes through the University of Hawai‘i system as part of their high school coursework. Does not include homeschoolers, and non-DOE high schools.

Early Admissions is available for anyone who is under the age of 18 who has not yet graduated from high school, including students from charter schools, homeschoolers (a DOE form 4140 is required), non-DOE high schools, and possibly those who have dropped out who are under the age of 18 if there is a DOE form 4140 to release the student from high school. The courses do not count towards a high school degree.