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Service-Learning: Students


How to get started

Step 1. Registering for a Service-Learning class (link to S-L courses)

At Windward CC, we have a number of classes offering Service-learning ranging from Anthropology to Chemistry to Music. Studies have shown that students who enroll into a service-learning class and participate in the project do significantly better than students who does not do service-learning. View a list of Service-Learning classes. Students can check with their professors for additional classes.

Step 2. Finding a site

Many community organizations are looking for individuals who possess the skills and interests necessary to help them accomplish their goals. We encourage students to choose sites that fit their class, interests, as well as educational and career goals. If you are not sure what to look for, come to the Service-Learning office and we’ll point you in the right direction. View a list of organizations.

Step 3. Serving

Organizations will generally specify an outcome or goal that must be completed or an amount of time that has to be reached. We recommend working closely with your organization; in doing so they will help you find a task that matches your interests and will be able to make suggestions about how to make your work more enjoyable.

Step 4. Reflecting

During the course of your project, your instructor may ask you to write some form of report or journal to help you better internalize the lessons that have been learned. This is a crucial step in the service-learning process because when it is time for you to present your findings, you will be better able to provide understanding for your peers and give them the opportunity to learn from your experiences.