WCC Play in Clay Wheel Throwing

Play in Clay - Wheel Throwing


Example of students doing wheel throwingCourse Goals

The purpose of this class is to explore pottery making and ceramic art through the wheel throwing process, as well as to develop an understanding of craftsmanship, decorating clay forms, glazing and firing kilns.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course the student should be able to throw basic forms on the potter’s wheel and develop an appreciation of ceramic art and craftsmanship.

A. Wedging and Preparing of Clay
B. Centering and Coning
C. Opening and Forming Clay
D. Trimming thrown Forms
E. Application of a Handle to a Form
F. Use of Textures
G. Application of a Glaze to Bisque Ware
H. Application of Oxides to Glazed Ware


Mode of Instruction

(Assignments are subject to change by the Professor at any time)
(All projects and ideas must be pre-approved by the Professor)

A. Lecture topic - the history and physical characteristics of clay.

B. Lecture topic - what is a glaze, methods of glazing, kiln firing and management. Stoneware High Fire, Raku Firing, Pit Firing, Sumi brush strokes, use of oxides, engobe decorating, china paints, and lusters.

C. Professor will demonstrate wedging and preparing clay, centering and coning clay on the potter’s wheel, throwing a cylinder, shaping a cylinder and the trimming process and other clay techniques.

D. Professor will demonstrate throwing techniques of shapes from cylinders. The student must be able to throw four cylinders in a row before starting on the first project. Professor must approve cylinders. First project - the student will make 12 shapes using 1 to 2 lbs. of clay for glaze testing. All pots must be trimmed with a foot. [4-week assignment]

E. Professor will demonstrate throwing open forms, bowls. Second project - the student will make 20 open forms, bowls. Third project - a progression of bowls, 2 lb., 4 lb., 6 lb., and 8 lb. Plates are optional.
[4- week assignment.]

F. Fourth project - the student will create 10 vases using 2 to 4 lbs. of clay. (2-week assignment.)

G. Final Project - the student will make 1 set of drinking vessels. Eight mugs per set with handles. (2-week assignment.)