WCC Play in Clay Agreement

Play in Clay Agreement


Professional or Production Potters

If I determine that you are creating a quantity of ceramic work that is beyond the scope of this ceramics studio, you will be asked to leave and fire your ceramics elsewhere.  At that time I will ask you to leave the program. Example: Ten large clay forms in a four-week period.  I would define large as being anywhere from 14” and taller.  That would be the equivalent of twenty-five small ceramic forms in a four-week period.

If I determine that you are creating production items or ceramic work that does not have the aesthetics of good design and craftsmanship, I reserve the right not to fire and/or throw out any ceramic pieces. 

Project Identification

You must inscribe your finished ceramics with your name.  I must be able to read your first or last name clearly.  Ceramic pieces with initials, or no name will be thrown out at the instructor’s discretion.


All clay projects must have a clay cookie that the clay piece sits on before it will go into the stoneware glaze fire.  The cookie should be 3/8th of an inch thick by 3/4th of an inch wider than the base of the clay form.   If the glaze runs off the pot, it will run onto the clay cookie and not onto the kiln shelf.

Assumption of Risk and Release

New students must fill out an assumption of risk and release form.   There are safety rules and precautions that must be strictly observed.  No student is allowed to use any equipment until I have demonstrated that piece of equipment to the student, such as Potters wheels, slab rollers, extruders, grinders, etc.  The student is not allowed to work in clay until the assumption of risk and release form is completed.

Abandoned Clay Projects

There are designated areas in the ceramics studio for abandoned clay projects.    Unclaimed ceramics will be set aside in these areas. After two weeks these ceramic pieces will be thrown out.

Work Habits

  • All cell phones and pagers must be in silent mode.
  • No radios of any kind will be allowed.
  • Helping in the ceramic studio is part of the course.  There will be times when I will ask you, or my Lab Assistants will ask you, for help in the studio, such as moving ceramic pieces, cleaning the studio, etc.  This is all part of the learning process.  If you are not willing to help out when asked, you will be asked to leave the program and your tuition will be refunded.


I will critique your work on an individual basis when I am asked, or when I feel you need it.  If you do not want visual input from me, just say no thanks.  The idea of this course is to have fun and to develop your creativity and talent.

Clean up and Closing

Clean up time starts at 8:00 p.m.  You need 25 minutes to clean up if you are on the potters’ wheel.  You need 15 minutes if you are hand building.  You may work on your ceramics until closing.  At that time you must stop working on your ceramics and clean up your work areas.