Play in Clay (noncredit ceramics)

Play in Clay for Adults (noncredit ceramics)




Shelves of Ceramic pieces

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This is an open studio lab for people who already know ceramics, but are not and will not do production pottery.

After one year of working in ceramics, you will start to get a feel for how much time is needed to learn all the aspects of the High Fire Stoneware, Raku, and the Pit Fire processes.

There is additional open studio lab time during the week. Check the upper left hand part of the chalkboard for the weekly schedule.

This open lab time is for you to work on your ceramics only.  No stacking, unloading, or firing of kilns during open lab time.

Contact Paul Nash, Professor of Art - Ceramics, at 235-7323 for more information.

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Classes are held in the Ceramics Studio in Hale Pālanakila at Windward Community College.


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