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Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Values of Honohono Orchid: Bioproducts & Recipes


Picture of cover for Honohono grass publication

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A new economic potential for honohono orchids (Dendrobium anosmum Lindl.) is described by Prof. Ingelia White in her recently published Ethnopharmacognosy Series. Her BOT 205 (Ethnobotanical Pharmacognosy) and BOT 299 (Independent Study) students have identified the medicinal and nutritional values of this orchid. Medicinal products such as tablets, tonics, chewing gum, mouthwash, teas and soaps are introduced in the second section of the booklet, while BOT 160 students (Identification of Tropical Plants) prepare delicious orchid dishes as well as recipes are shared in the Food Pharmacy section.