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  • Macmillan Encyclopedia of Physics, 4 volumes, edited by John Rigden (Reference Collection, QC5 .M15 1996)
  • Six Easy Pieces : Essentials of Physics, Explained by its Most Brilliant Teacher by Richard P. Feynman (QC21.2 .F52 1995)
  • Clouds in a Glass of Beer : Simple Experiments in Atmospheric Physics by Craig Bohren (QC861.2 .B64 1987)
  • Fearful Symmetry : the Search for Beauty in Modern Physics by A. Zee. (QC174.17.S9 Z4 1986)

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Theory of Relativity

  • Six not-so-easy pieces : Einstein’s relativity, symmetry, and space-time by Richard Feynman (QC793.3.S9 F49 1997)
  • Relativity demystified by David McMahon (eBrary)
  • Relativity an introduction to special and general relativity by Hans Stephani (eBrary)
  • The Meaning of Relativity by Albert Einstein (eBrary)