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  • Philosophy for Dummies by Tom Morris (Research Topics Carrel, 28-day loan, B72 .M77 1999)
  • Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 10 Volumes, edited by Edward Craig (Reference Collection, B51 .R68 1998)
  • Great Books of the Western World edited by Robert Maynard Hutchins (AC1 G7)
  • Masterpieces of World Philosophy in Summary Form edited by Frank Magill (Reference Collection, B21 M3 1961a) - essays summarize and explain the significance of the writings of 139 masters of Eastern and Western thought.
  • World Philosophy: Essay-Reviews of 225 Major Works edited by Frank N. Magill (Reference Collection, B29 W68 1982) - continues Masterpieces of World Philosophy in Summary Form, with many added basic philosophy.
  • The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy edited by Robert Audi (Reference Collection, B41 .C35 1999)
  • Key Ideas in Human Thought edited by Kenneth McLeish (Reference Collection, B41 .K48 1993) - explains 2,500 important terms and concepts in all areas of intellectual inquiry. Helpful suggested reading lists and heavy cross-referencing.

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  • Waking Life (DVD)

Comparative Philosophy

  • A Companion to World Philosophies, edited by Eliot Deutsch and Ron Bontekoe (B121 C664 1997) - covers the philosophies of cultures many cultures.
  • Key Concepts in Eastern Philosophy by Oliver Leaman (Reference Collection, B5010 .L32 1999) - explains basic ideas of Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism, Zoroastrianism, etc. The author discusses the differences between philosophy and religion throughout history and writes about the differences between Eastern and Western philosophies in the introduction. Also available in eBrary.