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  • Weather for Dummies by John Cox (Research Topics Carrel, QC863.4 .C69 2000)
  • The Atmosphere : an Introduction to Meteorology by Frederick Lutgens (QC861.2 L87)
  • Online Weather Studies by Joseph Moran (QC861.3 .O54 2002)
  • The History of Weather by James Thaxter Williams (QC855 .W55 1999)
  • The weather makers : how man is changing the climate and what it means for life on Earth by Tim Flannery (QC981.8.C5 F438 2006)

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  • The Day After Tomorrow (DVD)
  • An Inconvenient Truth (DVD)

Hurricanes (view Wikipedia article on Hurricanes)

  • Inside the hurricane : face to face with nature’s deadliest storms by Pete Davies (QC944 .D39 2000)
  • Isaac’s storm a man, a time, and the deadliest hurricane in history by Erik Larson (eBrary)
  • A wind to shake the world : the story of the 1938 hurricane by Everett Allen (QC959.U6 A44 1976)


  • Hawaii State Civil Defense webpage
  • Construction guide on strengthening existing houses in Hawaii against hurricanes and earthquakes by Hawaii Dept. of Defense (Hawaiian Collection, TH4812 .C65 1997, Library use only)
  • Prevailing Trade Winds : climate and weather in Hawaii edited by Marie Sanderson (Hawaiian Collection, QC984.H3 P74 1993)