Japanese Language


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  • Japanese Words and Their Uses (Reference: PL679 M58 1983) - Explains how and why 300 words are used.
  • A Reference Grammar of Japanese (Reference: PL533 M28)
  • Japanese Character Dictionary: With Compound Lookup via Any Kanji (Reference: PL677.5 .S63 1991) - With "each compound listed under its constituent characters".
  • Japanese & English Idiomatic Equivalents (Reference: PL679.D53) - For when you need a Japanese equivalent to "Haste makes waste," or other expression.
  • A New Dictionary of Kanji Usage (Reference: PL679 K87 1982) - 2,000 of the most frequently used Kanji.
  • Japanese-English Dictionary (Reference PL679 .B7 1969) - Short entries of equivalent words.

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Note: films from Japan are listed on the Japanese Studies page


  • Hawaii Hochi - daily Japanese language newspaper in Hawaii. The WCC Library keeps the paper issue for the current and previous month. Some articles are available online.