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General Information

With record high enrollment, please anticipate parking and traffic congestion that is being compounded with construction. Students are advised to:

· arrive early, carpool, bike, or ride TheBus.
· understand thatparking is available but not necessarily where they would prefer to park.
· to drive and park with Aloha, don't speed, and be extra careful when the roads are wet.

Open Parking

Parking in designated areas is free on campus. Student parking passes are not used at Windward CC.

Free public parking is available in the following areas:

  • to the right as you enter the campus (the large lot)
    • note that the smaller lot across from Hale Mana'opono and the Library Learning Commons has stalls for vehicles that carpool and Green Cars
  • beside Hale ‘Ākoakoa
  • along the upper campus road at the top of the campus
  • beside Hale Pālanakila

Faculty and Staff

Parking in faculty and staff areas requires a sticker, which can be obtained from the Administrative Services office. The faculty and staff parking areas are available in the following areas:

Energy Efficient Parking

If you drive a low-emission, fuel-efficient vehicle, you could be eligible to park in one of the parking stalls the new parking lot across from Hale Mana`opono that have been designated for “Green Cars. See more information on this program.

Handicap parking

Handicap parking is available throughout the campus. Placards are required and violators will be towed.

Carpool Parking

The parking lot across from Hale Mana’opono contains 5 parking stalls that have been designated for vehicles that carpool.  Any vehicle with two or more adults qualifies as a carpool vehicle and will be allowed to park in one of the stalls marked, “carpool vehicles only”. Carpooling, in addition to helping the environment, also reduces the number of single-occupant vehicles parking on campus during peak times.  The carpool stalls will be monitored by security and violators could be towed at the owner’s expense.