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Operations and Maintenance


Use the button below to make a work order request.

The Operations and Maintenance staff is responsible for the overall maintenance of campus facilities and grounds.  This includes service in the areas of carpentry, painting, plumbing, electrical, janitorial, air conditioning, fire alarm, elevator, lighting, and landscaping. They also provide some assistance for movement of furniture and equipment and support set up and breakdown of campus events. Operations and maintanance is part of Adminstrative Services.

Emergency Services

In emergency situations, please call the responsible unit for immediate assistance.  These services may be related to:

Situation Contact Person
Injury or safety related Safety and Security Manager
Hazardous material spills Safety and Security Manager
Spills in class Head Janitor
Overflowing toilets General Maintenance & Services Supervisor
Running faucets General Maintenance & Services Supervisor
Power outages General Maintenance & Services Supervisor / Facilities Manager
Telephone malfunction Computing Services
Fire alarm Safety and Security Manager

Contact Information

Sherry Ching, General Maintenance & Services Supervisor, x-444 or 235-7444

Thersa Lum, Head Janitor, x-406

Faye Chambers, Safety and Security Manager, x-343, or 235-7355

Andy Li, Facilities Manager, x-369 or 235-7369

Kahea Tani, Secretary, VC Administrative Services, x-405

Kelli Brandvold, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services, x-403

O&M Services

Other O&M Services include:

  • Changing light bulbs or clock batteries
  • Repairing door or key malfunctions
  • Repairs to air conditioning
  • Repair slow leaks
  • Bulky item disposal
  • Hanging bulletin board
  • Repair light switch

Special O&M Services include:

  • Setting up tents/tarps/stage
  • Storage of special equipment & furniture
  • Install/remove electrical outlets
  • Relocate offices
  • Request for special lighting
  • Movement of table/chairs for special events
  • Minor repair or construction projects

Submit an online work request via AiM can be accessed at:
For training on the use of the AiM online system, please contact your department/unit secretary.


Please complete “Key Request Form” and have your administrator approve and send the form to the Business Office.  The keys should be ready for pick up within two (2) working days from the date the Business Office receives the request form.  If for some reason the key is not available, the Business Office will notify you when the keys can be picked up.  Key(s) assigned with a return date, must be returned by that due date.  There will be a $25 charge for lost or unreturned keys (both hard and card keys).  If you are locked out of your office during non-business hours, contact your administrator to obtain access.  If they are unavailable, then you may contact the Safety and Security Manager at x343.


The campus mailroom is located in Hale Alakai 127 for authorized personnel only.  A key is required to enter the mailroom.  For more information about mail procedures, please go to:


Business related long distance phone calls are to be made through your department/unit’s support staff.  The Business Office can assist you if your unit’s support staff is not available.

FAXs can be sent and received at (808) 247-5362, located in the Administrative Services Office, Hale Alakai 120.  You will be notified when FAXs are received and ready for pick up.


Parking on campus is free.  Vehicles must be parked in marked stalls.  In the event there are no available stalls, the “Overflow Parking” lot on the Great Lawn will be opened.  No overnight parking is allowed unless approved in writing by the Safety and Security Manager.
Faculty and staff must have their placard in plain view when parking in Faculty/Staff parking stalls.  Faculty/Staff parking stalls are open to all starting at 4:00 pm (M-F) and all day on weekends and holidays.
Handicap parking is available only to those with valid placards/plates and enforced 24/7 by HPD. 
No parking is allowed in fire lanes and areas marked with red curbs.

State Vehicles

State vehicles are available for official business only.  To reserve a vehicle and be registered as a current valid driver, contact the Business Office at x-411.

Safety and Security

For more information on campus safety and security, go to: .


Revised: March 1, 2011