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Marine Option Program (MOP) at Windward CC



Highlights from the MOP System page

The Marine Option Program is an educational program throughout the University of Hawaii's ten-campus system that offers a unique opportunity for students in any field of study who have an interest in the ocean.

Hale ‘Imiloa, Room 121

Phone: (808) 236-9118


About MOP

Do you love the ocean? The Marine Option Program is designed for motivated students provides invaluable, hands-on, marine-oriented education, as well as a chance for students with common interests to meet.

If you have a curiosity about the natural or cultural history of the sea, Hawai‘i's ocean can provide a world of activity. University of Hawaii's Marine Option Program (MOP) can open doors to those discoveries.


MOP is a unique opportunity for undergraduates in any field of study who have an interest in the ocean. It is open to students in all fields and provides a clearinghouse for marine-oriented education and employment opportunities as well as a chance for students to network with professionals and fellow students who are involved with the ocean.

MOP focuses on undergraduates and is available throughout the ten campus UH system. Classified graduate students, unclassified graduate students, and professional students are also welcome to join.

Through outreach and stewardship activities MOP serves pre-college students and teachers and the community at large. A monthly student newsletter, Seawords, is distributed worldwide.

A MOP certificate (similar to a minor) is awarded to undergraduates who successfully complete 12-16 credit hours of marine-related courses. This includes a unique MOP skill project (with faculty guidance): design and conduct a personal marine or aquatic project related to their educational goals.

Past projects have run from scientific research to endeavors in the arts. Each year MOP students from all UH campuses have an opportunity to present their projects at the MOP Symposium.

For details and further information on MOP certification requirements, please visit the Certification and Courses section of our website.

Student Projects

  • Jaslynne Chang - Saltwater Aquaponics, underway
  • Jim Berles - GIS of Waikalua loko Fishpond, underway
  • Kalamaku Akiona - Coral Reef Aquarium System, underway
  • Ping Collis - Fishpond Invasive Limu Study, underway
  • Christine Colvin - Marine Plastic Debris, underway
  • Keana Richmond - Coral Larvae Biology, underway
  • Jeff Funke - Marine Aquarium Design and Maintenance, underway
  • Brenton Fila - Environmental Science Education, underway
  • Lisa Hinano Rey - He‘eia Fishpond Infauna Study, completed 2012
  • Rachel Mock - NOAA Whale Sanctuary Internship, completed 2012