Ka‘ie‘ie - Transfer to UH Mānoa


Thinking about transferring to UH Mānoa?

Learn more about joining the Ka‘ie‘ie Program!

The Ka‘ie‘ie Program is a transfer pathway program for students at Windward Community College (WCC) who are planning to transfer to UH Mānoa.  If your ultimate goal is to earn a four-year undergraduate degree but you chose to begin your degree at WCC, then the Ka‘ie‘ie Program might be for you.  The Ka‘ie‘ie Program is designed to help students successfully transfer from WCC to UH Mānoa. 

Ka’ie’ie students:

  • work with transfer specialists and counselors to create a long term academic plan
  • receive academic advising at both campuses (WCC and UHM)
  • have the option to take Mānoa courses while still completing courses at WCC (dual-enrollment)
  • are admitted to both Mānoa and WCC (dual-admissions)
  • register early upon transfer to Mānoa (priority registration)

To learn more about the Ka‘ie‘ie Program and eligibility requirements, visit the official Ka‘ie‘ie webpage at http://uhcc.hawaii.edu/kaieie.

Visit the Mānoa Transfer Coordination Center website for information about other transfer options to UH Mānoa.

Ka‘ie‘ie/UH Mānoa Transfer Specialist: Melissa Jones